Deity and Omnipresent God

65 Deity and omnipotent god
Many times people ask, “If God is omnipresent, why worship a Deity?”
If God is omnipresent, is He not present in the Deity as well? If we are honest and realistic, we can very easily understand that to fix our mindon God who is present every where and in everything is indeed difficult. Therefore, the Lord out of His mercy and kindness reveals Himself to usthrough wonderful mediums by which we can completely absorb our consciousnessin Him.

One such medium is His name. The name is the Deity of God in sound that wecan carry with us everywhere. The Deity in the temple is another manifestation that God has so kindly given us to completely focus our mind and senses in serving Him. In His Deity form we can bathe God, we can feed God, we can meditate on His beauty, we can completely absorb our attention in Him.

Deity worship is a most wonderful sublime form of meditation that awakens ournatural serving potency and our love for God. God has given the Deity as a wonderful facility and opportunity for us to fix our mind on Him and to love Him and serve Him.

by Radhanath Swami