Love Means to Give

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The essential need within every living being is to seek pleasure. What do people do for pleasure? Now, different types of living entities have different standards of pleasure and they work in different ways to achieve them. For a little ant, the pleasure is a grain of sugar.

For a moth, its pleasure is light. And we’ve seen what they’ll do to attain that grain of sugar, how hard they will work to achieve that light, even taking the risk of their lives. For some people, their pleasure is to satisfy their ego by inflicting pain and harm on others. Some people find pleasure in being famous, in being adored and aggrandized. Some find pleasure in being worshiped, while some others find pleasure in acquisition of wealth, acquisition of property, acquisition of the power that comes with all these things. A mother finds pleasure in giving satisfaction to her child. A father finds pleasure in seeing the family prosper.

Everyone is looking for pleasure. That essential need for pleasure, in its most important form, is the pleasure of love. Even if you were the proprietor of everything on the entire planet earth but you were the only person on earth, you would be unhappy. There can be no real satisfaction of the heart without having people to love and without being loved. The real problem in the world is poverty of the heart. The only way to fill that hunger is love. The only thing that touches the heart is love. To love means to give.

The child gives nothing to the mother, but the mother is found to take more satisfaction in that child than practically anything or anyone else and all she is doing is giving her love, all she is doing is just sacrificing.

Because that is real pleasure. Love is not just to take, love is to give. The more you give, the more genuine your giving is, the more people will naturally reciprocate, thus bringing satisfaction to the heart.

– Radhanath Swami