Radhanath Swami speaks on how the creation of God is inconceivable

27-Inconceivable-GodThere is nothing that God can’t do. He can create the entire cosmos with all the universes and the sun planet which is millions and millions of times bigger than the earth. And it’s just shining; it’s not that the sun has some pipes coming from the middle-east to keep it burning. From millions of millions of millions of millions of years the sun keeps burning and nobody is keeping fuel into it. And we look at the sun and say, “oh! It’s getting into my eyes!” Why don’t we see what an incredible miracle!  If our planet gets a little too close it gets burnt and if it’s a little too far it will freeze and all life ceases. And the sun is just going on for millions after millions of years. The whole creation is inconceivable.

– Radhanath Swami