Radhanath Swami on Lust and Ego

The fact is the living entity is pleasure seeking. We cannot stop looking for pleasure whoever we are. Even mystic yogis—we have seen them, we have lived with them, we have shared our lives with them–they are way up in the jungle in freezing cold winter, burning hot summer, hardly eating anything, their bodies emaciated, with no concern at all for their health or their bodies. They are just literally inflicting pain on self, trying to rid this desire of enjoyment in their hearts. But in the end they want powers to control, powers to influence others. Somewhere deep inside they want to enjoy in this world or they want to enjoy liberation.  They may torture their bodies, but in their hearts they want to enjoy the position of God in the end.

Lust burns like fire and however much fuel we give, it is never satisfied.  The ego burns with even more fervor.  The more power we have, the more we want to obtain for our enjoyment.

– Radhanath Swami