Radhanath Swami on ‘Limitations of the Human Brain.’

For a human being to conceive of the universe is like a tiny insignificant ant to try to fathom the earth planet. Is that possible? How far can an ant travel in its life? Even if an ant goes on pilgrimage from its childhood, and even if it plans to walk until its old age, it would probably get stepped down before it actually becomes old. And through it all, how far can it walk? Could it even cover the length and breadth of Mumbai?
Then, suppose we try to explain to an ant about the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean; even if the ant is in the ocean, it can never fathom the distances. It’s just beyond its comprehension.
Similarly, human beings are tiny and our experience of the world is limited. We have this little brain. It only weighs a couple of pounds. How much can that little brain understand? So this should be our conclusion- that we cannot know God, nor can we know in truth the extent of anything God has done. We can only know to the extent that God reveals to us.
By Radhanath Swami