Radhanath Swami urges us to see beyond superficial designations

see within the heart

Lord Sri Krishna descended into this world as Lord Chaitanya about 500 years ago. One day the devotees were performing an abhishekam for him in Srivas Angam in Navadvip Dham. All the great mahants and famous devotees, they were singing hymns, offering flowers and putting the abhishekam upon the Lord; they were in an exalted position, doing an exalted service.

Compassion: Essence of Religion

Compassion essence of religion

It is described that the mercy of God is like the sun. The sun does not discriminate, whether you are from this family or that family, this nationality or that nationality. The sun rays are beneficially giving out themselves…

Radhanath Swami on the Spider’s Web

Our guru Srila Prabhupada defined maya: maya is that which is not. We are attracted to the various temptations in the world thinking theywill make us happy—if I have this, if I am this, if I get this, I’ll be happy. But actually, it is like a spider’s web…

Krishna – the ‘All Attractive’

Krishna explains in Bhagavad-Gita that all beautiful things within this world are but tiny sparks of His beauty. The name ‘Krishna’ means ‘all attractive’, ‘supremely attractive.’ The reason the soul is attracted to things or people of this world is because…