The Power of Time

Take a glass filled with a fizzy drink, maybe Sprite. What do you see on the surface? Lot of small bubbles that fizzle out in a few seconds. Govinda Dasa, a Bengali poet, has said that our life in this world is as temporary and insignificant as a bubble of water on a lotus petal. Hence, the scriptures tell…

Real Medicine

In material life, there are natural insurmountable catastrophes. A few years ago in India, in Gujarat there was a massive earthquake. Tens and thousands of people died in just a matter of minutes. The earthquake lasted for only45 seconds. Millions of dollars worth damage occurred and thousands…

Radhanath Swami’s Article on Miracle of God

Radhanath Swami on Miracle of God

No man could ever imitate what God has done. What can we create? What can we maintain? What can we destroy? To what extent? How are the planets floating in perfect order? How is the sun lighting up the sky in all directions in the entire universe? How are all creatures on