Radhanath Swami Speaks About the Panacea for this Age

Panacea for this age

In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy we are living in there is no greater service we can render than teaching people how to unite under the banner of God’s name. We can be a Babaji, a saintly person in a holy place, or a Yogi in the Himalayas, and certainly by that process there is some benefit to the society. But the greatest benefit is to teach people how to come together to chant the glories of Lord’s name. Therefore intelligent people know that the only process of sacrifice and purification which is really effective and practical in this day and age is Sankirtan—to chant the holy names congregationally. To unite under the divine auspicious influence of the holy name is the only means of counteracting the influence of quarrel and hypocrisy in this age. And the power of doing it together is that by doing it together we attract the maximum mercy of the Lord.
–Radhanath Swami