Many Religions—ONE GOD

In the various religions of the world, we find the Lord revealing Himself to different types of people in different ways, according to where they live, what languages they speak and what particular state of spiritual evolution they are on at that time.

In some religions, the Lord reveals Himself as an all-powerful father, who will show Hiswrath and anger upon those who sin, and caste them into miserable situations, and willbe merciful and fatherly to those who are good and who obey His laws.
He also presents within His scriptures the worship of various demigods, who are theLord’s deputed agents within this material world, and by worshipping them accordingto proper scriptural instructions, we can fulfill our material desires and at the same timewe have some regulative principles and some restrictions and some acceptance of authority within our lives. So, we are elevated by that process in a gradual way.

– Radhanath Swami