Penetrating the Cloud of False Ego

68 Cloud of false ego

False ego is the basic principle of all material bondage. It is the beginning and the end of material entanglement. The beginning of all our sufferings in this world is when we think “I am the doer; I am the enjoyer and I am very good. Just see what I have done; just see who I am.”

From the insignificant insect to the blade of grass, all are covered by the false ego. A fully conscious spiritual entity has an eternal relationship with God in the spiritual world. Such an entity knows the truth, knows God and is full of all wisdom and bliss. However, when under illusion, that same soul thinks, “I am this blade of grass, I don’t think; I don’t act; I simply stand here, doing nothing.” This is the power of the cloud of the false ego.

The only purpose of human life is to penetrate the cloud of false ego, enter into the light of the spiritual sky and to revive our eternal relationship with God. Cultivating humility means fighting against this principle of false ego.

– Radhanath Swami